Jake Bass and JohnnyRapid fucking each other

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Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but in this update we are going to help them to build bridges. Their meeting starts with talking and they both get a chance to fuck each other how they like it! Enjoy the whole story at PORN STARS

JakeBass and Bruno Bernal reconciled

Jake Bass and his lover Bruno Bernal just hand an argument and they are both not happy with such a start of the day. Jake doesn’t like the situations like this so he makes the first move towards reconciliation. Bruno gives Jake possitive response, he slaps his face with his hard dick before fucking his mouth hard and deep. Watch Jake pounding Bruno’s fine ass doggy style at GAY PORN STARS

AllenKing’s cock stuffed deep inside of Jake Bass’ throat

This new update will show you in detail how Jake Bass’ lips touch Allen King’s cock and take him into a completely different world. Jake seems to be so cock hungry, he cannot get enough of Allen’s thick cock and big balls so he stuffs his throbbing dick deep down his throat. Enjoy the undeniable chemistry between these two at GAY PORN STARS

The Men of Anarchy, GabrielCross and Jake Bass riding together

This is anothe updte of The Men of Anarchy series. The ending scene is showing how the gang arrives at the Jackals’ place. They are surprised as they find their sworn enemy the Irish is there with a plan of their own. You will see some major double-crossing in this final shoot-out before Gabriel Cross and Vice President, Jake Bass, save each other and realize there is some serious tension between them they want to discover. Enjoy Gabriel Cross finding deep connection with Jake and both proving the Men of Anarchy always stick together!