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Bennett Anthony is a detective and he still works on one murder case. He decides to go visit a store that sells skimpy male undies. When he meets store clerk, Chris Harder, he hopes he will help him to narrow down the suspect list. But Detective Bennett ends up inspecting something completely different than what he came here for… Enjoy all details at GAY PORN STARS

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Will Braun has had an argument with his wife so he decides to buy her a flowers to fix the situation up. His florist, Chris Harder offers him an ear to listen and Will tells him about his marrital issues. Few hour later Will turns up with the bouquet of destroyed flowers and he is desperate. Butch Chris wants more than just to talk. So he buries his face into Will’s crotch and few moments later, he is bouncing on Will’s hard cock! Watch it all at GAY PORN STARS

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