Travis Saint servicing BradKalvo’s cock

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If you’re planning to top Travis Saint, you have to be a big, beefy, and hairy fucker! And not only that, you better be prepared to bang him raw. Somebody like Brad Kalvo! He definitely meets Travis’s expectations. These two start making out in the shower, getting all wet and soapy, then Travis starts sucking Brads that  daddy cock in front of his face… Watch the movie for all details at GAY PORN STARS

BradKalvo giving facefuck to Shay Michaels

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If you like to watch two beefy masculine men making out, this update is for you! Hot and sexy Brad Kalvo picked up Shay Michaels at the pool and he took him to his apartment to feel his hot body pressed against his. He also wanted to taste his rock hard cock and stuff his dirty whole with Shay’s cock! But Shay is so horny he can’t wait to long and he goes on his knees and gets facefuck from Brad Kalvo!

Johnny Rapid riding Brad Kalvo’s dick like there is no tomorrow

Johnny Rapid needs a letter of recommendation, so he decides to get it from much older friend of his father’s. Brad Kalvo is happy to help Johnny out but he also knows to get his big daddy dick inside of Johnny’s tight asshole. Johnny is shy and he is hesitant but it does not take long and he bounces on that dick like it was the last time of his life. More scenes and details at PORN STARS