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Mike De Marko wants to go for a run with his best friend and her husband, Adam Bryant. Sadly, his friend is not able to go but Mike manages to convince Adam to come without his wife. After a long run, Adam decides to have a shower before going back home. While he is showering, Mike jumps in and starts convincing Adam to show him exactly what his friend has been raving about. Enjoy the whole story at PORN STARS

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Adam Bryant has been married to the woman for quite some time and he is happy but when he gets an offer of one millin dollars to have sex with Billy Santoro he can’t refuse such an offer. Even Adam’s wife agrees as she knows that Adam likes anal. Billy is satisfied as he gets Adam’s thick, horny cock deep in his mouth and also in his asshole. Watch the whole video at GAY PORN STARS

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Adam Bryant has just moved into the city and he is going to buy a nice Christmas present for his girl. He has no idea what to buy so he asks for some tips at the market. The local vendor Nicoli Cole tells him about a nice mirror he is selling and tells Adam to follow him to have a look at it. Inside, Nicoli reaches for the mistle toe to steal a kiss which makes Adam very upset. But it won’t take long and Nicoli is hanging the mistle toe over Adam’s ass! See the whole story at GAY PORN STARS