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It is a New Year’s Eve and Luke Adams is staying in his new home with his hot housemates Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser. Luke’s “daddies” have invited a couple friends over to celebrate the New Year. And when John Magnum and Rikk York arrive, they are very interested in Luke as they are into perfect houseboys like him. So when it comes to the traditional midnight kisses, their kissing lasts a little too long. Watching them kissing passionately turns the rest of the guys on so soon, they are all taking turns in fucking Luke Adams.

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It is a Christmas morning and Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser just woke up and they are going to open each other’s Christmas gifts. The guys are married men and one to another wanted to give something very special. But Aaron definitely hit the jackpot when he gave Charlie what he really wanted…. Luke Adams. It doesn’t take long and Charlie finds out that his husband already played around with his gift. Enjoy seeing Luke offering himself to Charlie, who happily accepts his gift and fucks him! All at PORN STARS

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