DimitriKane gets the biggest cock from his stepfather, Rafael Alencar

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Dimitri Kane has a new stepdad, Rafael Alencar, who accidently walks in on Dimitri when he is watching some porn and masturbating. Dimitri is surpriced and tells Rafael to leave so he can get back to stroking his dick. But Rafael doesn’t go far away, he waits round the corner for the right moment to give his new stepson the biggest dick he’s ever seen. Watch the whole story at GAY PORN STARS

DimitriKane and Patrick Isley becoming fucking brothers

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Dimitri Kane’s mom is marrying Patrick Isley’s dad and these two are soon going to be step-brothers. They must get to the wedding in just a couple of hours but they have some troubles with the car. Patrick takes his shirt off to examine the engine and at that moment Dimitri’s attention moves from the car to his future stepbrother’s hot cock! See more at PORN STARS