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Dereck Fox has a great looking body full of muscles. He is fit and lean so when he meets an athletic model Luca Rosso, these two are going to compare their bodies and their eager to get a great score in an important underwear campaign is even bigger. Soon they find out they like each other even more than campaign. Enjoy watching them making a perfect fucking pair and stuffing their fat cocks in each other’s desperate holes at GAY PORN STARS

Hayden Richards drilling DereckFox’s ass

Hayden Richards is having a shower and has no idea he has an intruder in the house who is robbing him. But this intruder doesn’t hear Hayden coming so he gets caught. Hayden reveals that the thief is Dereck Fox and he takes justice into his own hands. He drills Derek’s bubble butt so hard and deep for him to remember for the future not to break the law.