BillyBlanco giving a full load to Eric Baterman


Billy Blanco is from Puerto Rico and his in a big need of cock. When he meets an ex-military man Eric Baterman, he thinks he will get what he wants. Well, Eric is obsessed with cock sucking but is not very experienced in this field so he gets a bit of surprise when his mouth receives a full load of fresh load! See all details at GAY PORN STARS



BillyBlanco getting serviced by ex-military man Eric Bateman

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Billy Blanco is one hot stud and he is very cock hungry today. He wants to get his ass stretched and he will even take the beginner to suck his cock as long has he gets his horny cock dipped in. Eric Bateman is an ex-military man and he is happy to refresh his hidden obsession for sucking cock even his experiences are not great. Lucky Billy.. watch him getting what he wanted at GAY PORN STARS