BennettAnthony spying on Jason Maddox

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Bennett Anthony and Jason Maddox are soon to be step brothers. When Bennett discovers a little dirt on Jason he knows how to get the most out of it. He is on Jason’s computer and finds some links to gay porn pop and decides to set up his spy cam in order to catch Jason in the act. And when he does, Bennett Anthony offers Jason some proper assistance…

BennettAnthony fucking Paul Cannon’s juicy ass


When Paul Canon returns to his room he finds a not from his former teammate, Tom, saying that he was kicked out of school for being such a slut. Few moments later, Bennett Anthony comes to see if Paul has heard the news. Bennett asks Paul if he ever fucked his hunky old roommate but Paul is too shy to admit it. This is a great opportunity for Bennett Anthony to fuck Paul’s tight ass and taste his fresh load…

BennettAnthony inspecting Chris Harder

Bennett Anthony is a detective and he still works on one murder case. He decides to go visit a store that sells skimpy male undies. When he meets store clerk, Chris Harder, he hopes he will help him to narrow down the suspect list. But Detective Bennett ends up inspecting something completely different than what he came here for… Enjoy all details at GAY PORN STARS