AdamHerst turns Ryan Wilcox into his sex bitch


Adam Herst and Ryan Wilcox have known each other for ages. They are old college buddies and since they haven’t seen each other in years, they have lots to catch up on. Ryan still can’t keep his mind off of Adam and the times they shared back in the day, so he decides to go to see Adam to Malibu. Watch Adam turning Ryan into his personal sex bitch at PORN STARS

Travis Stevens joins AdamHerst and Jay Rising in their cock play

Adam Herst needs to get something off his chest so he invites his friend Jay Rising. He confesses to Jay that he recorded his stepson, Travis Stevens, fucking while he hid in his closet. Jay wants to see the video for himself to believe Adam did it. Watching the video turns them both on and they start touching each other. Suddenly Travis walks into the room and instead of leaving, he joins Adam Herst and Jay Rising!