Hugo Arias tasting submission from AdayTraun and Sergio Mutty


Hugo Arias decides to visit a Shower Bar to have some fun but this executive didn’t expect to be turned into a total bitch. He is going to taste what the real humiliation means. Two alpha males, Andy Traun and Sergio Mutty will submit him to all kinds of degrading practices like anal sex, dog training, pissing, spanking or spitting. Watch Hugo’s being punished and dominated by Andy Traun and Sergio Mutty and enjoy every minute of this fantastic update!

AlexGarcia on the top of Daniel Johnson

Alex Garcia is returning into the game. This time, he is playing the footman Thomas. He is in poor station and left by the Duke he sets his eyes on his fellow footman Jimmy, played by Daniel Johnson. Enjoy watching Thomas sneaking into Jimmy’s room and the surprice on Jimmy’s face when he finds Thomas on top of him! More at PORN STARS

Tony Milan confessing to PaddyO’Brian

Paddy O’Brian is pretending he is a priest and he takes confession from some of the city’s most sexually depraved people. Today he has Tony Milan confessing he is a gay so Paddy decideds to meet him outside the church where he is able to show Tony that his feelings may be sinful, but should always follow them as it is worth it! All at GAY PORN STARS

The Men of Anarchy, GabrielCross and Jake Bass riding together

This is anothe updte of The Men of Anarchy series. The ending scene is showing how the gang arrives at the Jackals’ place. They are surprised as they find their sworn enemy the Irish is there with a plan of their own. You will see some major double-crossing in this final shoot-out before Gabriel Cross and Vice President, Jake Bass, save each other and realize there is some serious tension between them they want to discover. Enjoy Gabriel Cross finding deep connection with Jake and both proving the Men of Anarchy always stick together!

AaronBruiser giving his husband Charlie Harding perfect present – Luke Adams

It is a Christmas morning and Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser just woke up and they are going to open each other’s Christmas gifts. The guys are married men and one to another wanted to give something very special. But Aaron definitely hit the jackpot when he gave Charlie what he really wanted…. Luke Adams. It doesn’t take long and Charlie finds out that his husband already played around with his gift. Enjoy seeing Luke offering himself to Charlie, who happily accepts his gift and fucks him! All at PORN STARS